UltraNet: Soundsystem Overlords

Ready for the third chapter in the UltraNet saga? Available April 5th, 2019 at all music retailers. SoundSystem Overlords is a big bass adventure filled with sweeping subs and dynamic drum fills. Orko Eloheim flexes with a style rooted in ragga dancehall- with an alien twist. Trip Trap is a grimy monster of a tune […]

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EBITDA – The Law of Fives

ROGUE DUBS Digital Single 050 EBITDA returns to the label for our 50th release. The socadelic-duo unleash with haunting vocals, 303 synth lines, big kicks and throbbing basses on The Law of Fives. On the flip-side, Kabash is an upbeat, party track that will take you back to 1991 – guaranteed to light up any […]

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Enter the UltraNet

The wait is over! Enter the Ultranet is available in record stores worldwide. Rising from the ashes of a world destroyed by evil politicians, internet pirates and wack rappers writing rhymes on their iPhones; The UltraNet has arrived. The main objective: Hack into the holographic material universe to eliminate key targets in the hip-hop propaganda […]

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Out Now – Infinity Twist from DLX

Infinity Twist from DLX Purchase here from Juno Download Announcing the Infinity Twist EP from RogueDubs and interplanetary production wizard- DLX. A fusion of drumfunk, half-time d&b combined with intricate synth-work; these sounds have been tested by space-fairing beings from Zeta Reticula, Centaurus A and NGC 474. Doctor Lazarus X has certified their quality and […]

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Sigrah – Gateways / Oh Lawd

Next up is a two track release from Ben Sigrah. Hailing from Kansas City, Sigrah has been soldiering in the underground trenches for years, working out his sound at his semi-monthly bass music event, Futuro. These two tunes blur the lines between footwork, up-tempo bass music and high energy sub frequencies. Forthcoming Sept 22nd 2015 […]

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