Celebrating Ten Years of RogueDubs

EBITDA – Bass music at 105 BPM.

This release is an exciting blend of Dancehall / Soca mixed with Drum and Bass. The title track, Believe in U is grimey, wobbly, and steppy with strings, plings, and subs. The Brink is an eyes-down, heart pumping, socadelic journey toward cosmic evolution. Don’t get it twisted, this is not your cousin’s Moobatron!

Available everywhere Friday, December 15th 2017

Shamanga – Motion Hassle

Following up his recent collaborative release on SHOOT, stateside producer Shamanga is back at it with a two-track scorcher for RogueDubs. Flexing the boundary between dancehall and DNB, Motion Hassle is a 180 BPM wild ride. Wicked Dem is a stab-and-break-heavy tune for the junglists.

Available everywhere Friday, December 1st 2017


Established in 2008, RogueDubs is a forward thinking bass music label with over 40 releases on both vinyl and digital. Our reach is global and our distribution is universal. Not to be pigeon-holed by genre, We roll with the times and stay true to the pulse coming from the dance floor. We have released tunes from heavyweight artists including: DLX, Sigrah, Chango, FSTZ, EshOne, Soccer Mom, Janner, Kial, The Bassist, DZ, Echo Wanderer and more.

As we celebrate our tenth year, RogueDubs will continue to cultivate emerging genres produced by mostly undiscovered talent. The Roster for 2018 includes Shamanga, Ultranet, FSTZ and Orko Eloheim, EBITDA, Astrobleme, Uniballer, Ledger Hammond, The Spatialists and more. The genres we plan to blur include dubstep, hip hop, jungle, dancehall, Soca, Tijuana Bass, drum and bass, drum and waste, drbstep, and dweebstep. Cheers!