Check the Debut Release from Sharkweek (Mad Classy Austin)

We’re super stoked to announce the debut release from Austin TX rudebwoy, superstar DJ, Mad Classy co-founder and professional party monster: Shane Cook AKA Sharkweek. The Tune is called Super Ugly and it marks release number 41 for RogueDubs. The original is marred with powerful 808 kicks that will make your eyes vibrate and your ballsack rattle. And just when you thought this was a one-tune-single, we offer up a remix by John E Wink of Shamanga and Third Degree Bass. The the Kansas City bass music badman flexed hard on this remix… it’s 100% dancefloor tested and guaranteed to rock the body that rocks the party.

Mastered by Bob Macc

Play it loud for all the SUPER UGLY MOFOS IN THE DANCE