Dance on the Surface with Orko Eloheim, FSTZ and John E. Wink

Return to the UltraNet with these two powerhouse versions of Surface

The second UltraNet release embodies the spirit of early hip hop + drum and bass fusion; a journey FSTZ and Orko Eloheim began over 15 years ago with “Forbidden Physics.”

Surface (Original Mix) is a slight venture back to the footwork jungle sound for producer FSTZ (Shamanga, Druthers and Drips, Trimangle). The track is built on an ocean of swirling mentasms, tight snares, noise sweeps, 909 kicks, and the delayed voice of legendary emcee Orko Eloheim (Nephilim Modulation Systems, Drumwarz, Masters of the Universe). The John E. Wink (Third Degree Bass) remix features a surge of gritty sub frequencies below percussive congas, sci-fi bleeps, and a perfectly tuned wood block; rounding out the release with a nod to the minimal jump-up sound.

Surface (Original Version) was mixed by Sam Barnes at RedBull Studios.
Surface (John E. Wink Remix) was mixed and mastered by JJ Soderling.
Cover Art by Aaron “Visual Goodies” Sutton.
Distributed by InGrooves.
Release Date: September 21, 2018
Orko Eloheim is one of music’s most influential and prolific hip-hop artists. Orko is an avant-garde rapper and producer hailing from the Southern California underground. His sound and style is a blend of psychedelia, afro-futurisim, urban dread and a virtuous knowledge of hip-hop culture. During his career he has worked with artists and labels such as Bigg Jus of Company Flow (as Nephlim Modulation Systems), Ninja Tune/Big Dada, Ras G, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Gonjasufi, Adult Swim, and even Rick Rubin. His ahead of the game live show pioneered a decade ago, what has become common place today (live-programmed beat shows, hip-hop infused with electronic genres, and drum-driven production.)

FSTZ has been innovating his brand of electronic dance dub since a very early age. Credited for introducing dubstep to the Kansas City scene with Kablammo! – the areas first all dubstep event. There’s never a shortage of bass weight when FSTZ is on the decks. His mixing skills have received worldwide attention; most notably from dubstep godfather Joe Nice (Gourmet Beats) who had this to say: “FSTZ was in the zone at the Czar Bar. No doubt about it. I remember the night vividly – Thanksgiving weekend, cold outside and there was a buzz in the air at the club. FSTZ was power-mixing on all levels. One of the best performances I’ve seen all year from a DJ.”

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