Enter the UltraNet


The wait is over! Enter the Ultranet is available in record stores worldwide.

Rising from the ashes of a world destroyed by evil politicians, internet pirates and wack rappers writing rhymes on their iPhones; The UltraNet has arrived. The main objective: Hack into the holographic material universe to eliminate key targets in the hip-hop propaganda power pyramid. Led by cosmic warfare veterans FSTZ (codename Doc Fest) and Orko Eloheim (codename Chakra Zulu), The UltraNet have already scored several key victories on the inter-dimensional battlefield. Armed with bass cannons and drum-war-machines, victory for the UltraNet is inevitable.


“Orko (who now goes by Orko Eloheim) rapped at extreme velocity, advancing Afrofuturist philosophies and psychedelic mental travels. He dismissed mass media as “tel lie vision,” subverted inner-city stereotypes by rapping about the “rhyme rate” instead of the “crime rate,” and made the grimiest beats possible on an outdated Ensoniq Mirage sampler keyboard. According to Ecks and the Gaslamp Killer, during open mics Orko would snatch the mic right out of your hand if you were delivering a subpar performance. Touring hip-hop artists who came through town ran the risk of getting their stages hijacked by Orko and his crew, the Masters of the Universe.” – Peter Holslin, SPIN Magazine

Orko Eloheim is one of music’s most influential and prolific hip-hop artists. Orko is an avant-garde rapper and producer hailing from the Southern California underground, now residing in Minneapolis.
His sound and style is a blend of psychedelic afro-futurism, urban dread and a virtuous knowledge of hip-hop culture. During his career he has worked with artists and such as Bigg Jus of Company Flow, Ras G, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Gonjasufi, Gaslamp Killer, FSTZ and Rick Rubin. Selections from his project Nephlim Modulation Systems could be heard as bumper music on Adult Swim and even NPR.
JJ Soderling aka FSTZ is a veteran DJ / Producer living in Kansas City. Originally from San Diego, he began mixing records at the age of 16 and producing at 18. Over the course of his career, he’s released music on One Cell Records, Loose Squares, Ground Mass, SMOG and his own imprint Rogue Dubs. His tune entitled Fierce (produced under his drum and bass alter ego, Shamanga) is forthcoming on Shoot Records; has been supported by Friction on BBC1, Metalheadz on Rinse FM, Skeptical, Alix Perez, Om Unit, DJ Madd and Calculon.