Out Now – Infinity Twist from DLX

Infinity Twist from DLX

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Announcing the Infinity Twist EP from RogueDubs and interplanetary production wizard- DLX. A fusion of drumfunk, half-time d&b combined with intricate synth-work; these sounds have been tested by space-fairing beings from Zeta Reticula, Centaurus A and NGC 474. Doctor Lazarus X has certified their quality and RogueDubs guarantees the sound will hold up during faster-than-light-travel and are built to withstand any electromagnetic pulse or interference. NASA and the European Space Agency have been test-piloting the Infinity Twist EP during their latest missions and their results are astounding.

“Infinity Twist is the best sound available to place in a spacecraft.” Weiner van Brown – Rocket Scientist
“These sounds opened our eyes to what’s out there in the solar system and provides us a compelling argument for other missions that will follow.” Gus Grissell – Afronaut

Infinity Twist will be available for private sector purchase on or after star-date: 12.29.2015 at your favorite intergalactic entertainment outpost.

Enjoy your journey